Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Illegal urban beekeepers

There is a great video here of some horribly enthusiastic New York beekeepers here.

They don't wear beesuits which seems a bit too trusting to me.

Also on the new beekeeping vibe is this article in the gaurdian. "New plastic hive promises affordable beekeeping". given that this hive costs over 400 pounds that is pretty expensive.

I still plan to go with the top bar hive. Which should cost under 50 euro. It seems Omlet make really cool really expensive huts for hobby farmers. Which is cool and all but I think old school wood and nails is preferable to plastic. Which do you think is cooler a hacked Ikea coop or the omlet one that costs 600 euro?


  1. That would definatelty be the Ikea job, but then you would need woodworking skills. If I tried that I would end up with something not nearly as cool.

  2. You have a point there Séan. I am not sure my woodworking skills are up to watertight. Still a precast plastic hive seems against the whole spirit of the getting back to nature enterprise.

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