Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No bees Allowed

I am looking for some space to put my bees in out in Dublin 15. My garden is tiny is surrounded by children and is also home of the worlds boldest dog

so its not suitable

So I asked the local allotments if they might have space. Turns out no because
"Unfortunately, our strict rules are no livestock of any kind allowed on the allotments, and it would not be right for us to make exception for you. However, I would be more than happy to give you some ground in a field beside the allotments,"

Grand stuff but then the follow up mail says this

"there are some issues with regard to having bees near members of the public. Allergies, the risk of getting stung, etc. Unfortunately, for that reason we cannot accomodate you"

Any garden will attract bees. Any garden has to attract bee to stay healthy. The widespread losses of our wild bee population means that they cannot be relied upon for pollination. How can you have allotments without bees? The wild Irish population has been decimated by varroa mites so relying on them for pollination is risky. If your not relying on wild bees but on local beekeepers that seems like a weird hybrid of NIMBYism and irrationality. The logic seems to be something like 'We need bees and need them in the allotments just don't want them near the allotments'.

How much risk are bees to public safety? Surely if your allergic to bees you do not take up gardening. I'm allergic to shark bites so I don't stick my head in their mouths. How can you ban something for safety reasons when it is vital for the activity. It is not like the beehive was in the middle of the allotments either but in a nearby field.

The allotment guy is being really nice and all so I'm not going to go be mad at him but can you think of a good way of persuading people that bees are neccessary?


  1. Tell 'em your bees are stingless. Given the understanding of science on display, it's probably a runner.

    And Westly wants to know what he wins for being world's boldest dog.

  2. good plan. When is the Picon beer review going up?
    In this case Westley won not getting any rubs for the day. I'm worried you seem to have a psychic connection with canines.

  3. Yes, because that enigmatic expression on his face is unintelligible to all but the most adept of canine psychoempathicists.

    Picon: next Friday, probably, as part of The Session.

  4. The city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA just reversed a 34- year-old ban on beekeeping, recognizing the importance of allowing this activity for both ecological and urban livability issues. Best of luck to you!
    Kathy C

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